Powering Safely Since 1990.

SAFETY: Our safety program is the heart of our organization. We have been and will continue to be a very safety conscious company. At All Star I&E, Inc. personal injury, property damage, and the resulting loss of production are not acceptable costs of doing business. Every contractor and client owes the worker a safe work place. We must all be partners in safety.

All Star I & E, Inc. Employees Drilling RigQUALITY: Our QA / QC is the best in the industry. Through in house training, our personnel are educated that quality and safety have a higher priority than productivity. Yes, we are in business to make money, however, we have learned through experience that quality and safety are an integral part of a successful project which directly equates to productivity.

TRAINING:  Only with proper training can we grow and provide quality craftsmanship to our clients. We offer our employees in house training and on the job training.

PLANNING  /  SCHEDULING  /  TRACKING:   We use the critical path method of planning, scheduling, and tracking our projects.  Our interaction with other contractors, in conjunction with a seasoned view of the industry, allows us to foresee problem areas and develop corrective action before a potential problem becomes a reality.

For safety comments, concerns or to report an incident/accident, please email williamweimer@allstarie.com.